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Our team is local to Columbus, Ohio, and focused on providing a quick and efficient experience for our clients, partners, and all their employees.

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On a mission To make a difference

Our approach redefines HR’s value into two dimensions: risk mitigation and revenue generation.

Most people perceive HR exclusively as employer liability protection: handbook updates, compliance training, or tiptoeing investigations into conflict. These risk mitigation strategies are critical for the bottom line, especially for larger or rapidly scaling businesses, as every new employee brings additional risk.

One competitive advantage a small business has is their ability to react quicker than their larger competitors. If that small business embraces a revenue-driven HR strategy, rather than viewing HR purely as liability protection, they can find a new way to outperform competitors through proactive talent management and organizational development.

The value HR consultants bring is evolving with emerging technologies and artificial intelligence. It’s changing from a time where answers were most valuable, to a new era where questions and curiosity drive more results. With strategic prompt engineering and AI, combined with HR expertise, we can explore data and strategies to drive production, revenue, and mitigate risk efficiently along the way.

Our core solutions aim to increase the ROI of our clients’ largest expense: their employees. Our task on discovery calls is to find opportunities for high-impact strategies that tie to organizational goals and challenges across each functional area of that business. We want to explore ideas that enhance profitability and reduce HR administrative burdens to keep employees working towards business objectives at full speed.

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“Full Speed HR is one of our favorite partners to work with due to the trust and customer service we have experienced. As a small business, we are always struggling to find vendors who prioritize our needs against the rest of the larger companies. I would highly recommend them for any company that values individualized support.”


Nick P.

Controller | Healthcare Company
Columbus, OH

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