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HRIS & PEO Consulting

Navigate the HRIS & PEO landscape confidently with our strategic consultation and optimization services, helping you identify the most cost-effective vendor and solution for your business.


HRIS vs. PEO: Understanding Your Options

HRIS: A Human Resources Information System (HRIS) is a software platform designed to streamline HR processes such as payroll, onboarding, recruiting, performance management, and data analytics. It offers customizable solutions tailored to businesses’ specific needs, empowering them with tools for efficient data management and decision-making.

PEO: Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) pool businesses together, providing access to cost-effective benefits and workers’ compensation insurance. By leveraging the collective bargaining power of multiple businesses, PEOs offer significant savings compared to standalone options.

Key Differences and Considerations: While HRIS focuses on internal HR process optimization through technology, PEOs offer outsourced HR services with a focus on cost savings through collective purchasing power. When considering PEOs, it’s crucial to shop multiple vendors to ensure the most cost-effective options are on the table. We fight for your side of the table, working with leading providers to identify the most cost-effective modules to implement and ensuring competitive pricing to maximize the benefits of this decision. Whether opting for an HRIS or a PEO, understanding your HR goals and objectives is essential in making an informed decision about the most suitable solution for your business.

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HRIS & PEO Consulting features

Explore the best areas of PEO & HRIS utilization through our consultative process

HR Process Optimization
Customizable Solutions
Strategic Consultation
Scalable Solutions
Vendor Consolidation
Implementation Support
Rich Analytics

We are your ultimate advocate

Moving to a PEO model or a new HRIS system is a major change initiative that impacts employees and leadership across each functional area of your business. Make sure it’s done right.

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Consolidated Buying Process

We’ll do the work of gathering pricing, solution recommendations, and provide the due diligence required to make an informed decision. Once the hard part is over, you can choose which vendors to allocate your time to.

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Competitive Pricing

Through industry expertise and relationships with multiple vendors, we have the leverage to get you the best pricing we can.

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Transparency of Solutions

We encounter many misconceptions around PEOs, and choosing the modules within an HRIS can be overwhelming. Once we understand your objectives, we can provide guidance on the solutions and vendors worth sitting down about.

Hear from our clients who trust us already


“Cody did a great job helping us get set with a major payroll provider to create a streamlined onboarding and performance management process for our rapidly growing company. We had complex integration needs, a demanding schedule for our leadership team, and we were able to assess multiple vendors for cost-effectiveness quickly and easily through his service. He knows the major players, and earned our trust in his ethics and decision-making. We were fully supported through implementation as well and got a competitive price from the vendors. If you are having problems with payroll or want a better experience for employees, he is a great person to help you work through the buying process and implementation efficiently.”


Jay S.

President | Paramedicine Company
Columbus, OH

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