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Talent Acquisition & Strategic Management

Optimize recruitment expenses by strategizing before resorting to costly headhunting fees, offering tailored solutions for efficient hiring.

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Build a COST-EFECTIVE Recruiting Strategy

We know that third-party recruiting firms can be far too expensive. That’s why we advocate for a strategic approach that focuses on building and nurturing passive talent pools. By providing coaching and training on effective processes, we empower businesses to proactively engage with potential candidates, reducing reliance on costly recruitment agencies unless absolutely necessary.

Through job posting optimization and a robust screening and sourcing process, we enable organizations to attract and identify top talent independently. This approach not only saves on recruitment costs but also ensures a higher quality of candidates. However, for highly specialized or niche roles where direct sourcing may not suffice, our headhunting services come into play, leveraging our network of recruiters to find the perfect fit and still charging you below-market pricing.

When the time comes for headhunting, we are equipped to handle the task efficiently, utilizing our own team along with network of recruiters and offering competitive finders’ fees to incentivize successful placements. This collaborative approach allows us to deliver timely and targeted solutions while minimizing the financial burden on our clients.

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Take the right approach to talent acquisition with our solutions and guidance.

Talent Pool Management
Screening & Sourcing
Recruitment Strategies
Skills Assessment Tools
Temporary Recruiter
Headhunting Services
Job Posting Optimization
Interview Coordination
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Maximize ROI: Reduce Recruiting Costs Across Departments

We’re dedicated to transforming how companies distribute recruitment funds, reducing costs while enhancing effectiveness. Through customized strategies and reduced dependence on traditional headhunters, we enable leaders to optimize recruitment spending, achieving substantial savings without sacrificing talent quality.


Headhunting & Outreach

Our headhunting services offer targeted recruitment solutions to find top talent for your organization. We specialize in identifying candidates who meet your specific needs, ensuring a seamless and efficient hiring process. Trust us to handle the search and selection process, saving you time and resources while securing the best fit for your team.

30 day burst hiriing

30-Day Burst Hiring

If you need to hire a large amount of new employees for the same role, we can take on that process with a 30-day burst, where we bring on and search for as many qualified candidates as we can to position your growth initiative for success.

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Talent Pool Management

Talent Pool Management streamlines your recruitment process by cultivating a pool of qualified candidates for future positions. If you are in a competitive environment for talent, we can coach you to nurture relationships with potential hires, ensuring a readily available talent pipeline. With our tailored approach, you can access a pool of skilled professionals, reducing time-to-hire and enhancing workforce agility.

Hear from our clients who trust us already


“I am so grateful for everything Full Speed HR has done for us. We began working with them due to bad service from our old payroll company, and use them now for HR and benefits too. With our new strategy for posting jobs, we no longer rely on walk-ins to hire and they created all sorts of materials for us to use for job descriptions, onboarding, handbook, and the WOTC tax credit. Cody screens and interviews candidates for us, and we don’t have a need to use expensive headhunters anymore for our difficult positions.”

Angie S.

Owner & Director | Skilled Nursing Facility
Middletown, OH

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